We and Web3

In the beta phase, this project is very much based on trust. Trust through relationships and a network developed over the years. However, this kind of personal trust is limited in terms of scalability. 

Move2improve is built on simple gamification mechanisms, as we all know how a friendly competition gets a long way in terms of achieving goals through motivation and fun, and lets us build new relationships with like-minded people.

Move2improve is the start of a shared story through a direct relationship of those that want to support a worthy project and those that are part of a worthy project, learning and growing together, which is very critical in the fundraising arena.

Exactly these kinds of mechanisms #trust, #gamification, and the #sharedstory can be scaled through Web3 with blockchain as one of its core technologies. We want to bring charity runs to the next level as a start and see where the community and technology can make further positive impacts down the road.