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Biodiversity in the Atitlán Highlands, Guatemala

Poverty and malnutrition in a biodiversity hotspot

All donations gathered will directly go to the Atitlán Highlands project for:

  1. Promotion of local food production and sustainable value chains

  2. Preservation of ecosystem services and diversification of economic opportunities

  3. Preservation of traditional knowledge

  4. Improvement of the living conditions of the indigenous population

In collaboration with the Global Nature Fund, we support a project located in the Atitlán Highlands – a region where 96% of the population is Mayan. The poverty rate here is 75%.

Indigenous people contain 80% of the remaining biodiversity, proper integration of their knowledge and world views are crucial for our sustainable future. As for example in Guatemala, that is a hotspot for biodiversity, but as beautiful as the country and its natural treasures are, it is also under threat.

Over-exploitation of natural resources as the population grows is the biggest trigger for this. In Guatemala, the Mayan population groups are particularly affected by great poverty.