Import your NFT to metamask

The NFT is already in your wallet. Importing the NFT will now allow you to see the token there. To do that,

  • Tap the wallet and go to the NFT tab
  • Now scroll down and tap the option for ‚Import NFTs‘
  • The screen for importing an NFT will open
  • You are asked for the ‚contract address‘ and the Token ID
  • To find the address of an NFT, go to Make sure your wallet is connected to the marketplace
  • Click the ‚Profile‘ icon in the top-right corner to view all your NFT


  • Click on the NFT, to do that you might need to navigate to hidden
  • Click on the NFT. The listing page for the NFT will open. Scroll down and click the option for ‚Details‘.
  • Click the ‚blue hyperlinked value‘ next to ‚Contract Address‘.
  • Towards the top-left corner of the page opened page, you’ll find the option for ‚Contract‘ with a long string of letters and numbers next to it. This is the address of the smart contract that created the NFT. Click the ‚Copy‘ button next to it.
  • Paste the address in the ‚Address‘ textbox of the Import NFT screen
  • Find the token ID also in the ‚Details‘ section just below the contract address and fill it in
  • Press the ‚Import‘ button and your NFT will appear in your wallet.