The Project

We want to bring attention and funds to one of the most crucial, but still underrepresented topics of our times, biodiversity.

The Teams

Teams are running during a period of almost 3 weeks to generate attention and have a friendly competition on distance and funds raised.


You can either pledge and donate for every km run by a specific team or straight out a donation. Choose your team to motivate them and help them in their race.

We and Web3

Through a Web3/NFT-enabled ‘Charity Run Community’ we want to support a good cause with the tech and mechanisms of the future.

Final Results Charity challenge 6th - 21st May

Total donations: 2,495EUR

PositionTeamTotal Donations
2PROPROJEKT runFarkt425
3BNY Runners360
4Geno Dreamteam250
6DSM & FSBC190
7GlobalNature Runners125
821Shares Runners120
8Particula & ECOTA 120

Total Distance: 1,662km

PositionTeamkm run
1PROPROJEKT runFarkt374,8
2Blocksize 219,8
3GlobalNature Runners179,7
421Shares Runners177,7
5BNY Runners153,2
6Particula & ECOTA 149,1
7DSM & FSBC140,3
8Geno Dreamteam104,7

The Project: Biodiversity in the Atitlán Highlands, Guatemala

Our Partner, The Global Nature Fund

GNF Logo
People in developing countries feel the effects of biodiversity loss and climate change much more directly than we can imagine. The GNF, therefore, does both: protect biodiversity and climate, and at the same time increase the resilience of the people. In the highlands of Guatemala, we are helping indigenous communities transform the traditional Mayan farming system into the 21st century while protecting hundreds of hectares of mountain rainforest.
Dr. Thomas Schaefer
Head of Conservation at Global Nature Fund

Some of the corporates and Accossiation that support us by joining with their teams

ProProjekt Logo

Some voices from the teams

Creating a community through doing sports together and raising awareness as a team for such a relevant cause as biodiversity highly resonates with me. I am excited to see such a fresh and innovative approach.

claudia wagner
Managing Director Deutsche Sport Marketing
Physical inactivity is the biggest threat for human well-being as climate change is for the health of our planet. Let’s use the universal language of sport to counteract both and move 2 improve!

Stefan Klos
Managing Partner
As a passionate runner and offshore sailor I know that biodiversity is of utmost importance for effective sustainability, necessary for humankinds viability. I support move2improve because it combines Sports, Nature and Charity in an unique and fun way.
christoph impekoven
Founder & Managing Director
micobo / Blocksize
As a sports and DLT enthusiast it is inspiring to see these two fields converge to support a good cause in such an innovative fashion.

Christian Rau
DLT Industry Thought Leader

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